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Britvic Apple Tango Pack 24

£17.58 £13.19excl. VAT

Cadbury Boost Chocolate Bar (Pack of 48)

£43.68 £32.76excl. VAT

Cadbury Crunchies 40g Pack 48

£36.74 £27.53excl. VAT

Cadbury Dairy Milk 45g Pack 48

£43.68 £32.76excl. VAT

Cadbury Heroes Variety Bag

£5.29 £3.97excl. VAT

Cheese and Onion Crisps Pack 32

£17.93 £13.44excl. VAT

Green & Blacks 35g Dark Chocolate Pk30

£27.63 £20.72excl. VAT

Green & Blacks 35g Milk Chocolate PK30

£27.63 £20.72excl. VAT

Green & Blacks 35g White Chocolate Pk30

£27.63 £20.72excl. VAT

Green and Blacks Miniatures Variety Pack

£7.22 £5.42excl. VAT

Maltesers Chocolates (Box of 40 Packs)

£36.78 £27.59excl. VAT

Mars Chocolate Bars 51g (Pack of 48)

£34.48 £25.85excl. VAT

Nestle Aero Peppermint Bar 36g Pk24

£20.33 £15.25excl. VAT

Nestle Black Magic Chocolates 348g

£8.07 £6.05excl. VAT

Nestle Dairy Box Chocolate 360g

£7.82 £5.87excl. VAT

Nestle KitKat Chunky Milk Choc 40g Pk24

£20.33 £15.25excl. VAT
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