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Black Scissors 160mm Pk10

£69.55 £5.13excl. VAT

Edding Cutter Blades for ML18/M18 CB18

£10.39 £6.94excl. VAT

Olfa Magnetic Touch Knife 841502400

£3.19 £2.12excl. VAT

Q-Connect 170mm General Use Scissors

£6.42 £0.67excl. VAT

Q-Connect 255mm General Purpose Scissors

£8.48 £1.70excl. VAT

Q-Connect All Purpose Scissors 130mm

£6.52 £0.75excl. VAT

Q-Connect All Purpose Scissors 210mm

£6.71 £0.93excl. VAT

Q-Connect Premium 8 inch Scissors

£12.11 £3.70excl. VAT

Rapesco Heavy Duty Knife RCK002A1

£9.73 £6.50excl. VAT

Scotch 180mm Red Comfort Scissors 1427

£5.43 £3.13excl. VAT

Scotch 180mm Red Universal Scissors 1407

£3.60 £2.36excl. VAT

Scotch 200mm Green Titanium Scissors

£13.97 £7.56excl. VAT

Scotch 200mm Red Comfort Scissors 1428

£6.44 £3.85excl. VAT

Scotch 200mm Red Universal Scissors 1408

£4.08 £2.61excl. VAT

Scotch Precision Scissors 180mm 1447

£9.50 £4.44excl. VAT

Scotch Precision Scissors 200mm 1448

£11.04 £6.99excl. VAT
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