A multifunction printer provides efficiency for those working in admin roles. These efficiencies can lead to increased productivity and profits in a business. Businesses seeking to upgrade or replace their office printer should consider investing in multi-function printers. Multi-function printers bring all your printing, scanning, and copying needs into one place.

There are plenty of benefits to having a multifunction printer in the office.

Here are four clear advantages, which sometimes get overlooked, but have a tangible impact on how well an office and business functions.

1: A multifunction printer can improve productivity

An MFP, also known as a printer scanner copier improves document management by putting all of an organization’s printing infrastructure in one place.

A multifunction printer enables printing, scanning, and copying, and often faxing from the same device. These features can help transform an office into a productivity powerhouse.

If everything is in one place and managed centrally, time is saved.

2: MFPs help prevent unauthorised printing

Multi-function printers help control the print environment, increase security and decrease printing costs. Security is increased as everything is logged in one place. Office management can review the print log at any one time.

MFPs help to cut unauthorised printing and therefore help reduce costs. According to research, 18% of employees used their work printer for personal printing at least once a month.

In a company of 100, that’s 18 lots of non-work-related print costs a company has to bear.

3: Multifunction printers help to reduce office costs

Multifunction printers take up less space in the office.

A decent MFP takes up fewer resources as well. This includes:

Utility bills

A multifunction printer help reduce the electric bill fewer machines are running.


Multifunction printers help reduce the cost of paper, ink and cartridges.


It’s much more cost efficient to have one machine maintained as opposed to three.

4: Less training is required.

If you have three machines, you need to learn the way each machine works. If you invest in an MFP, you will only need to train staff on how to use one!

Choosing the best multifunction printer for your office

At Speedwell Office Systems we offer a variety of multifunction printers to a variety of businesses including:

  • Heavy engineering
  • Wealth management
  • NHS
  • Estate agents
  • Architects
  • Call centres
  • Churches
  • IT firms
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Internet start-ups
  • General office-based businesses

The range of MFPs we offer include:

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