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Sustainability At Speedwell Office Systems


The 17 United Nations sustainability development goals will guide our sustainability policies and our business practice. We will reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and help our clients and suppliers to do the same.


We will comply with all current legislation, regulations and codes of best practice. We will review our sustainability policy on a regular basis. We will include our sustainability policy with every quotation.


We will audit and minimise our business energy usage.  We will switch to a genuine renewable  electricity supplier. We will use timers, thermostats and motion detectors to reduce our energy usage for heating and lighting. We will purchase energy-efficient equipment. We will offset residual emissions with well-documented international tree planting schemes.


We will continue to allow many of our staff to work from home. Essential business meetings will be held with good public transport access. We will use walking, bicycles and public transport to commute. We will use electric vehicles for local delivery and commuting. Video conferencing will be used as much as possible.

Consumables, Recycling and Waste

We will minimise our consumable usage and aim for a paperless office. We will seek recyclable consumables and recycle them. Other waste will be sent to specialist recyclers.

Premises, Equipment and furniture

We will seek the most energy efficient premises built from the most sustainable materials. We will purchase used equipment and furniture. We will upgrade and not replace our laptops, computers and telephone equipment.


We will ensure that staff at every level are fully aware and supportive of our sustainability policy. We will gladly receive any suggestions for improvement.

Food and drink

We will purchase fair-trade vegetarian food and drink. We will favour local suppliers.


We will design long life products with clear and easy repair and recycling properties. Products will be made from sustainable resources.


We will use suppliers whose sustainability positive policies and core values align with ours. We will favour suppliers with greater operational transparency. We will use local suppliers.


We will encourage our clients to review and copy our sustainability policy.

Finance and Investment

We will obtain finance and invest with financial institutions that do not fund fossil fuel Industries and are working towards the 17 United Nations sustainability goals.


We will re-wild our environment. We will maintain a litter free local area. We will favour planting wildflowers over lawns. We will partner and work with local community and voluntary groups to improve the local environment.

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As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, we’ve committed to …



As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, we’ve committed to …



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